1908 Society off to a great start

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February 6, 2021
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February 7, 2021

1908 Society off to a great start

Last November, the Club announced the creation of a new donor giving society it named "The 1908 Monthly Giving Society."

While obviously themed to celebrate the vision and values that went into the formation of our organization, the 1908 Society was also a strategic shift in how the Club looks at fundraising / resource development.

This giving society is strategic in the sense that:

  • It invites a broader diversity of donors from across our community to celebrate and support youth
  • It is equitable because we are providing donors who don't have the financial means to write a one-time large check with an opportunity to increase their giving through automatic, recurring monthly giving option
  • It is inclusive because the 1908 Society is intentionally designed to recognize donors who make smaller recurring gifts in similar ways -- albeit not the same -- as we recognize major gifts donors

We got off to a great start with the following individuals becoming members of the 1908 Society by setting up an automatic recurring monthly charitable contribution.

Nesher & Carrie AsnerDave & Jennifer GomelClifford & Genevieve Stoner
Brad & Marie BlockTom & Laurel GrimesChristy & Brad Stott
Chris BranstiterTarek & Sanaa HarbMichael Uram
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Carlson IIIChris & Nicole KovarikEugene & Mary Waterfall
Wendy & Tim CrouchJuliette & Steve SchmelingMatt Weber
Lori M. Frith

While we should celebrate a good start to our efforts and thank these individuals for investing in our new monthly giving strategy, our work is not done. It is only beginning.

Will you please help us grow the 1908 Society?

If you know of anyone who in the past has made a yearly (or periodic) donation of between $1 and $100 (e.g. year-end holiday contribution, memorial or tribute gift, raffle ticket purchase, etc), then please forward them a link to more information about the 1908 Society and ask them to consider joining.

Click here for more information about the 1908 Monthly Giving Society.

Click here to see the 1908 Society's Donor Honor Roll of inaugural members.