1908 Monthly Giving Society Members

1908 Monthly Giving Society Donors

More than 100-years ago, there were individuals in our community who stood up and decided that something needed to be done to help young people who were at-risk of falling through the cracks of society. Those people founded an organization that is commonly known today as Boys & Girls Club of Rockford.

Boys & Girls Club of Rockford's 1908 Monthly Giving Society is a giving club for those donors who count themselves among the Club's most loyal supporters. These donors are so passionate in their belief that no child should be allowed to fall through the cracks of our community they've committed to an automatic monthly credit card donation.

The following donors are members of the 1908 Society, and their willingness to stand up every month like clockwork to support young people is admirable and noteworthy, and it emblematic of something we've become fond of calling "The Spirit of 1908.