How Monthly Giving Works

Joining the 1908 Monthly Giving Club is not as hard as helping Club kids with their math homework nowadays.

How Monthly Giving Works

Members of the Club’s 1908 Society set-up recurring monthly transfers from their credit card or bank account. This is done through the Club’s online donation gift processing platform (aka Givebutter) or manually via a paper form.

Donors who use the Club’s online gift processing platform (aka Givebutter) will receive monthly email receipts.

Regardless of how you set-up your recurring monthly payments, you will receive an annual statement itemizing all of their charitable giving to the Club. This statement can be used in lieu of monthly gift receipts for tax purposes.

We recognize your account information periodically will change, but it is easy and convenient to: a) update your personal information, b) cancel your donation, or c) change your monthly donation amount. Depending on how you set-up your donation, the following explanations hopefully put to rest put any concerns you may have:

  • If you make your gift online through the Club’s online gift processing platform (aka Givebutter), there will be a link at the bottom of every email receipt that you can click to update/manage your gift.
  • If you responded to the Club’s USPS mailing about the 1908 Society and set-up your monthly recurring contribution using a paper form, simple call Bety Carrano, the Club’s Executive Administrator, at (815) 972-5973 and she will process your request.

Frequently Asked Questions about Givebutter

How do I increase, decrease, or cancel my recurring monthly donation?You can update your recurring donation amount by visiting the link at the bottom of the email receipt you will receive every month. Once you click that link, you’ll be taken to a page to manage your donation.
What if I lose a monthly gift receipt?You can contact Givebutter directly via email at [email protected]. You will also receive an annual statement itemizing your charitable gifts from the Club.
Can I change or update my payment information?Of course you can, but at this time you would need to contact Givebutter to cancel the existing contribution and set-up a new recurring monthly gift with your new form of payment. This can be done through a simple email to [email protected]. If you didn’t set-up your recurring contribution online and did so using a paper form, then you would simply contact Betty at the Boys & Girls Club at (815) 972-5973.
How will this charge appear on my credit card statement?The transaction description on your monthly credit card statement will likely say something like “GIVEBUTTER * 1908 Monthly Giving Society”. However, it is possible the campaign name (1908 Monthly Giving Society) may not appear in the charge description or get cut off due to the character limit. We understand this may cause some confusion, but please try to understand that we don’t have any control over how credit card companies represent information on your statements. So, at least for now, please talk to anyone else in your household who may have access to your credit card statements and explain to them “Givebutter = Boys & Girls Club of Rockford.” We’ll keep working with our vendors to find a solution to this issue.
Why am I being asked to “tip” Givebutter as part of the payment process? Givebutter does not charge the Boys & Girls Club to create an account and run a campaign (this is different than credit card processing fees). In order to provide this service for free, tips go a long way towards sustaining Givebutter’s low-fee business model. However, you can customize the tip amount (and even choose $0)