1908 Monthly Giving Society

What is the 1908 Monthly Giving Society?

The 1908 Society is a special giving society for donors looking for a more convenient way to support Boys & Girls Club of Rockford’s mission. By setting up a recurring monthly donation, you don’t need to deal with snail-mail and pledge reminders. The 1908 Society is designed for only the most loyal of the Club’s donors who exemplify the spirit of the Club’s founders more than a century ago.

The Spirit of 1908

In 1908, a group of committed church women decided to start Boys Club of Rockford (known today as Boys & Girls Club of Rockford).

Those women and the donors, who surrounded them with financial support, possessed a very specific spirit. They were charitable, community-focused, solutions-oriented, and innovative in their approach to addressing community needs.

Today, the Club characterizes this passion as “The Spirit of 1908“.

Rationale behind the 1908 Monthly Giving Society

Initial small investments of money over a long period of time can significantly and positively impact a community.

You need look no farther than what happened in 1908. A small group of individuals raised $3,575 and started to provide programming for the first group of Club members who registered.

It’s this simple idea that led to the creation of the 1908 Society.

While all 1908 Society donations are unrestricted and support all programs offered at the Club, the following are a few examples of what your recurring monthly contribution will help underwrite:

  • $22.50 pays for 1-hour of tutoring (This monthly recurring gift commitment adds up to $270/year)
  • $40.00 underwrites uncovered costs associated with 1-day of healthy snacks (This monthly recurring gift commitment adds up to $480/year)
  • $93.00 takes care of all expenses associated with two members for one month (This monthly recurring gift commitment adds up to $1,116/year)

You can join the 1908 Society right now

If you don’t need any more information and want to join now, simply use the gift processing box on the right side of your screen. Choose your monthly gift amount, click the “Continue” button, and you’ll be asked a few additional questions (including payment information).

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