2020 Donor Honor Roll

2020 Donor Honor Roll

2020 will go down in the history books as one of the more difficult years for our community. While there was pain and loss, we now find ourselves standing in 2021, looking back, grateful for our collective survival, and mournful of what has been lost.

Boys & Girls Club of Rockford has been around since 1908, and we like to say that we've seen it all (including the 1918 pandemic). And if there is one thing we know that's truer than anything else in this world, it is that we couldn't have gotten this far (or even just through 2020) without YOU.

So many individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies stepped up and joined us in supporting young people and their families. And you did this at a time when it wasn't easy to do so.

Your passion and support is humbling. Words cannot express how grateful the board of directors, staff, Club members and their families are for your philanthropic commitment.

We believe that when the entire community comes together, our collective impact can affect greater change and outcomes in the lives of those we serve. Please join us in thanking the following donors for believing and investing in this fundamental belief.


Recognizing gifts made between January 1 - December 31, 2020

A & B Freightline
AAA Molybdenum products, Inc.
Tom Aagesen
Deborah & David Adams
Sarah Alterio
American Endowment Foundation (Anonymous)
Erik Anderson & John Zawada
Kristin L. Anderson Charitable Foundation
David & Colleen Anderson Charitable Foundation
Diane Anderson
Haddon Anderson
Jeffrey R. Anderson Charitable Foundation
Tracy Anderson Charitable Foundation
Andrew Angel
Nesher & Carrie Asner
Associated Bank
Attorney At Law - Greg Tuite
Avionte Staffing & Recruiting Software
Andrew Baird
Dorothy Baits
James Balog
Mark Banz
Ron & Sherrie Barch
Mike & Marcia Baudino
JiaJia Beaman
Jessie Becker
Kathy Behling
Ben Harding Family Foundation
Jack Benson
Dave & Cherry Beto
Tara Blazer
Lynn &Terri Blevins
Brad Block
Troy Blodgett
BMO Charitable Fund Program (Bruce & Isabel Lammers Charitable Fund)
BMO Harris Bank
Charlie & Ann Bown
Boys & Girls Club of America
Mark Bradley
Doug Brooks
Brubaker Charitable Trust
Sarah & Matt Bruksch
Guy Bucciferro
Maggie Buckley
Jim Buhl
David & Cathy (Stoner) Burke
Bradford & Linda Burman
Byron Forest Preserve
Maria Camron
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Carlson III
Amanda Carlson
Cindy Carlson
Cellsuede Products
Jake & Ali Chance
Citizens for Roads
Dan & Jean Clark
Kristine Clark
Gred Clemens Columbia Pipe & Supply
Comcast Rockford
Arthur Commare, Jr.
Community Foundation of Northern Illinois
Community Foundation of Northern Illinois (John C. Brearley Family Charitable Fund)
Costello, Thomas & Mary Costello
Court Street United Methodist Church
Coyle Kiley Insurance Agency
Wendy Crouch
Frank Cuevas
Doug Curry
Custer Meisch Group - Morgan Stanley
Thomas & Kim Custer
Tom Cwynar
Daimler Cares Your Cause, LLC
Richard Deming
James & Susan Derry
Pat & Mary Kris Derry
David & Sarah Deutsch
Dellita & James Devine
John DeWaters
DiBenedetto & Associates, Ltd.
Dick`s Sporting Goods Foundation
Dickerson & Nieman Realtors
Kim Dixon
Jeremy Dobrowolski
Colleen Donovan
John Dowhamyla
Drummond Window Cleaning
Emmett DuChateau
Dennis & Cynthia Ebens
Steve & Jeanine Elsberg
Richard & Lana Engen
Scott & Tiffanie Ferry
Fidelity Charitable (Brian & Judy Anderson)
Fidelity Charitable (Provenzano Family Charitable Gift Fund)
Field Fastener
Fifth Generation, inc.
Joe & Lynda Fleming
James & Joanne Ford
Forest City Dog Training Club Inc.
Lynn & Barb Foster
Phil & Leslie Frankfort
Free Flags For Vets Graves
Lori Frith
Kevin & Lisa Frost
Furst Staffing
Jennifer Furst
Judy Gard
Tara Giuliano
Gloyd Family Foundation
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Frank & Ann Graceffa
Cynthia Grantz
Cliff & Joan Gray
Greg Jury Campaign Fund
Kyle Gensrick
Tom & Laurel Grimes
Ellen Groenwald
Martin & Juanita Gryfinski
Josue Guerra
Julie & Anthony Hall
Teri Halliday
John Hallock, Jr.
Tarek & Sanaa Harb
Daniel & Christine Harezlak
Kathy & Scott Hartwig
Paul Harvey
Heartland Community Church
Heartland Financial USA Inc. (IB&T)
Sharon Heinzeroth
John & Kathryn Heisel
Esther Hellman
HMC Products, Inc.
Arianne & Andy Honkamp
Steve & Crystal Huene
Bill & Martha Hutt
Illinois Licensed Beverage Association
Illinois State Credit Union
Integrated Homecare Services, Inc.
J. Hanley for Winnebago County States Attorney
Lori & Jason Janssen
Ehren & Christy Jarrett
Steven & Kelley Jeffers
Trevor Jerusal
Mark Jewell
Beverly Johnson
Darrell & Candy Johnson
Georgann Johnson
Sean Joyce
Greg & Kelly Jury
Jim & Pam Keeling
Kelley Williamson Company
Derek & Erin Kiley
Brenda & Dana Kiley, Jr.
John Kim
Ross, Kingsley
Kiwanis Club of Rockford, Inc.
Timothy Knauf
Dale & Karen Knudson
Bradley & Susan Koch
Chris Kovarik
Charles & Barbara Kullberg
LaMonica Beverages
Michael Lane
Larson & Darby Group
TJ Leake
Thomas & Jeanne Lefevere
Dick Leighton
Liebovich Steel & Aluminum Company
Steve Linden
Chuck Lindstrom
Robert Liphart
LoRayne Logan
Adam & Anne Long
Jason Longley
Donna Louis
Christina Love
Terri Lowrance
Margaret Lowry
Lucky Dog Gaming, LLC
Jeff Luedke
Mark Madden
Faye Marcus
Marden Tire & Auto
Kevin & Catherine McDermott
Shereen McMahon
Mayor Tom McNamara
Daniel & Charlene McQuillan
MD SkinCenter
Mechanical, Inc.
Menasha Corporation Foundation
Vanessa & David Merhib
Philip & Kathy Meseck
Nate & Sarah Meyer
Midland States Bank
Gale & Nancy Miller
Jon Minnaert
Josephine Minor
Christine & Jerry Moench
Casey Molloy
Montel Technologies
Ryan & Lindsay Moore
Matt & Courtney Morgan
Margaret & Jeffrey Morton
Doris Mosser
Movement Fitness
Rene Nagel
Margret Nelson-Luter
Eric & Lori Olson
James & Janice Olson
Stephen & Jacqueline Otto
Candice Overby
Mike Parker
Rex & Carol Parker
Fred Paulke
Mark Payne
Danny & Nancy Pearse
Kevin & Shelley Peifer
Thomas Pellicore
Pilgrim Baptist Church
Jeff Polsean
Ray & Wilma Porter
Powmet Inc.
PrairieFire Golf & Grill
Doug & Denise Prater
Greg & Molly Priest
Myrna Pullin
Quantum Design
Alderman Tuffy Quinonez
Vin Racanelli
Radiology Consultants of Rockford
Ralph J. Baudhuin Foundation
Mark Reeser
Robert & Tawnya Reitsch
Diane & Curtis Repka
Rockford Area Convention & Visitor`s Bureau
Rockford Contractors
Rockford Cosmopolitan Charities
Rockford Gastroenterology Associates
Rockford Precision Machine, Inc.
Carolyn Rodgers
Terrence Roe
Bill & Linda Rohlman
Jeanette Roncke
Roofing Systems
Kylie Rosado
Glori Rosenson
Paul & Sandra Rossella
Cynthia & David Rozycki
Javier Ruiz
Scott & Paula Runyard
Shawn & Cathy Ryan
Joan Sage
Salon Flair by Angela Inc.
Sandray Precision Grinding, Inc
Karl Schaaf
Daniel Scharf
Schmeling Construction Company
Juliette Kalweit Schmeling
Jake Schmidt
Jon Schmidt
Thomas & Darcy Schuller
Lori Schultz
John Schuster
Schwab Charitable (Dr. Frank & Bonnie Bonelli)
Schwab Charitable (Karol & Michael Manley)
Schwab Charitable (John & Susan DeGuide Charitable Fund)
Schwab Charitable (Guirl Family Charitable Fund)
Schwab Charitable (Mary & John Sanders)
Schwab Charitable (Vicari Family Charitable Fund)
Schwab Charitable (LoRayne Logan)
Matthew Schwabero
Phyllis Schwebke
Scott Charitable Remainder Trust
Service Machine Company
Seyller Financial Group
Daniel Shannon
Patrick & Terry Sharp
Tim Sheahan
Jim Sibigthroth
James Smoth
Mike & Debbie Smith
Clint Snedegar
Doug Soter
Specialty Floors, Inc.
Specialty Screw Corp.
Srivani Sridhar
State of Illinois Dept of Human Services
Stenstrom Foundation
Bobby & Melissa Stenstrom
Jan & Robert Stenstrom
Amber Stone
Clifford & Genevieve Stoner
Christy & Brad Stott
Eugene Swanson
Karl & Jill Swanson
Laura Szyman
Inga Tackeberry
Teamsters Local 325
Edward Telfer
The Law Office of Amanda Adams Martinez
The Mill Foundation
The Morse Group, Inc
The Rockjensen Foundation
Brian Thiede
Paul & Sheryl Thorerson
Julie Thomas
Eric Trautmann
Scott & Therese Trenhaile
Tom & Cindy Troia
United Way of Rock River Valley
Michael Uram
Ashleigh Van Thiel
Sylvia & Christopher Verdonk
Ricky & Dawn Vernon
Viking Chemical Company
Marion Warner
Ann Wasser
Eugene & Mary Waterfall
Shawn & Kathy Way
Matt Weber
Renate Weber
Jeff & Danny Weberg
Barry & Pat Welliver
Paul & Sharon Werther
Edward & Patricia Wesseln
State Representative Maurice West II
U.S. Dept. of Justice; OJJDP
Stephanie Westfall
Mary Westin
Lindsay & Kevin Whitcher
Susan Whitcher
Marc Whitman
William Charles Construction. LLC
Henry Wilson
Cheryl Wright
Gary Wright
Ruogang Yang
Aaron Yardley
If your name has been accidentally omitted, misspelled, or inaccurately represented, please call us at 815-972-5973 and we will gladly correct the error immediately.