Memorial & Tribute Gift Honor Roll

Memorial & Tribute Gifts Honor Roll

There are people in our lives who are special. They are family, friends, and loved ones. Sometimes, they are simply individuals who have inspired us or made a lasting difference in our community.

Boys & Girls Club of Rockford understands the importance of recognition. It is something we practice every single day when we're working with Club members.

Recognition is a powerful thing and can be exercised for many reasons -- inspiration, growth, change, security, love, and more. It can also be used to cement someone's legacy.

With this in mind, we are proud to be a place for individuals to pay TRIBUTE to the living OR MEMORIALIZE those who have passed away.

The following is a list of those who you and others wanted to recognize and remember.

Note: In order to keep this page to a reasonable size, we only include memorials & tribute gifts from the previous year. If you don't see someone you memorialized listed here, then please check our Memorial Gifts Archive page at

Click the graphic if you would like to pay tribute or memorialize someone.

In Memory Of Clifford E. Stoner
Lisa Abbas
Chris & Michele Apke
Brad & Marie Block
Susie Burke
Susan & Gat Caperton
Marianne Carlson & Karen Cederholm
Dan & Jean Clark
Coyle Kiley Insurance Agency
Mary & Tom Fink
Lori M. Frith
Gayle George
Cliff & Joan Gray
Larry & Nancy Hedberg
Anne & Mark Hoffard
Darrell Johnson
Georgann "G.G." Johnson
Jim Laughlin & Jane DiCristina
Phil McDonald
Doris Mosser
Julee Nelson
Dennis & Joanne Nemeth
Doris Mosser
Denise Noe
Joan Schmelzle
Jay Schrader
Dave & Jane Smith
Tom & Cindy Troia
In Memory Of Jack Ryan
Shawn & Cathy Ryan
In Memory Of Larry Weber
Arthur Commare Jr.
Julie & Anthony Hall
Donna Louis
Kevin & Catherine McDermott
Jim Sibigthroth
Doug Soter
Inga Tackeberry
Renate Weber
In Memory Of Kay Flodin
Donald Edwards
Kenneth & Janice Fenelon
Cynthia Garner
Paul & Diane Knopp
Liebovich Brothers
Bob Reitsch
Geraldine Swan
Happy Mother's Day
Cheryl Sheahan
Tim Sheahan
Happy Mother's Day
Dalene Furst
Jennifer Furst
Happy Mother's Day
DeAnne Miller
Lori & Jason Janssen
Happy Mother's Day
Diane Anderson
Erik Anderson
Happy Mother's Day
Eileen Lanier
Vanessa & David Merhib
Happy Mother's Day
Beth Eich
Diane Anderson
Happy Mother's Day
Georgann "G.G." Johnson
Tom & Cindy Troia
Happy Mother's Day
Gloria Ruiz
Javier Ruiz
Happy Mother's Day
Jan Stoner
Chip & Genevieve Stoner
Happy Mother's Day
Jean Clark
Dan Clark
To the Best Employers
Brian & Bill Thiede
Kathy & Scott Hartwig
Beverly Johnson
Margaret & Jeffrey Morton
James & Janice Olson
Merry Christmas Susan Zawada
Erik Anderson & John Zawada
Honoring your community service Jason & Amie Rock
The Rockjensen Foundation
Honoring your community service Chris Kovarik
RSM US Foundation
Happy Mother's Day
Laura Aagesen
T.J. Aagesen
Happy Mother's Day
Laurie Paulke
Fred Paulke
Happy Mother's Day
Mary (Imo) Slavik
Wendy Crouch
Happy Mother's Day
Susan Zawada
John Zawada
Happy Mother's Day
Tawny Reitsch
Robert Reitsch