Club Moms Honored This Mother’s Day

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May 6, 2020
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May 18, 2020

Club Moms Honored This Mother’s Day

Thanks to you and 40 other donors, Mother’s Day was saved from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior to you and others stepping up, here is what was up in the world of many Club Moms:

  • Many were sheltering-in-place in small cramped living conditions with their children.
  • Some were still working and worried about their children at home and unsupervised. Many others were laid-off, unemployed and stressing out.
  • Many of our Club families struggle with access to reliable transportation, which impacts everything from employment to being able to secure healthy food.
  • Our Club Moms, like every mother around town, had to become a teacher over night once schools closed and turned to a distance learning strategy. On top of this challenge, our Moms wrestled with technology and trying to get access to internet service.
  • When you put lots of kids together in cramped spaces and tell them they shouldn’t go outside and play basketball, conflicts typically arise. So, now Moms also needed to become referees and keepers of the peace.

So, Mother’s Day 2020 wasn’t shaping up to be very awesome for many of our Club Moms (or many others for that matter). Seriously, who was running out to get Mom a card, small gift, special meal or even a cake?

And this is where you came in and saved the day.

Your support allowed Club staff to weave a Mother’s Day surprise into our current weekly academic worksheets activities. Club members who completed a Mother’s Day language arts worksheet received special gifts to give Mom to demonstrate their love and gratitude during this holiday weekend. There was a special Mother’s Day card template with crayons to customize the card. There were also small gifts like cupcakes provided.

SHOUT OUT . . . A special THANK YOU to Andrea Jensen and Vicki Benson with Rosie’s Birthday Club for baking and donating some of the nicest looking cupcakes any mother has ever seen!

Here are just a few of our Club Moms who received sweet treats this holiday weekend.

Your participation in the Club’s #GivingTuesdayNow Mother’s Day Tribute Campaign also allowed us to pay tribute to other special women in your lives. Here is a quick synopsis of some of what your generosity accomplished:

  • CLICK HERE for the donor honor roll & tribute webpage
  • CLICK HERE to see samples of the digital Mother’s Day cards sent to honorees on behalf of participating donors
  • CLICK HERE to see the Facebook shout-out
  • CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE to see community-wide Facebook shout-outs to Moms.
  • CLICK HERE to see how we honored our Club Moms with a special Mother’s Day Cover Graphic on our Facebook Page

Your donation to the #GivingTuesdayNow Mother’s Day Tribute Campaign goes way beyond supporting the Club’s Mother’s Day activities.

As the Governor starts looking at lifting his shelter-in-place order for portions of the state, Club staff are busy getting ready to safely re-open clubhouse operations and supplement those efforts with new online programming.

While working through safety issues and figuring out how to offer programming while adhering to social distancing requirements, it has become apparent there are new unexpected and unplanned for expenses that need to be incurred (e.g. face masks, hand sanitizer & soap (in larger quantities than before), temperature scanners, new technology, new online programming, disinfectants (in larger quantities than before), professional cleaning services (more frequently than before), and the list keeps growing. Your support of #GivingTuesdayNow Mother’s Day Tribute Campaign helped give us a head start with some of these new expenditures.

If you missed making a charitable contribution to this one-time special tribute campaign but want to still make a donation to support the Club’s COVID-19 response, you can do so on our website at