Online survey results are in

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May 11, 2020
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May 19, 2020

Online survey results are in

A few weeks ago, we asked Club supporters to share their thoughts on a variety of topics pertaining to charitable giving, special events, volunteerism and more.

The results from this survey are being used to:

  • figure out what the “New Normal” might look like
  • develop new fundraising plans that accommodate challenges presented by social distancing and public health best practices
  • help staff & board members make informed decisions about how to address rising operating costs caused by the pandemic

With 33 individuals responding, the following are the results from our survey:

QUESTION: Until a vaccine is developed for coronavirus, public healthy officials are likely to continue advising some level of social distancing, especially for people in higher risk groups (e.g. 65+ yrs old, diabetes, compromised immune system, and various other health conditions).  How likely are you to attend in-person special events hosted by the Boys & Girls Club such as the Golf Outing, SMASH, etc)?

QUESTION: If the Club needs to postpone or cancel fundraising events to ensure public health and social distancing, how likely are you to still make a charitable contribution to a online fundraising appeal?

QUESTION: If for the purposes of social distancing and preserving public health it became necessary to meet with you about making a charitable contribution using Zoom (or other online video conferencing services), how likely would you be to take that online meeting?

QUESTION: The Club is willing to look at many new and different fundraising approaches including strategies it hasn’t used in the past. One strategy under consideration is an “in-kind gifts” campaign. In a nutshell, this type of a campaign asks donors to consider donating specific items in addition to cash. Please review the following list of items and check the boxes of things you think you could personally donate or secure from others in your social & professional network.

QUESTION: It is starting to look like the coronavirus era will likely drive the cost of doing business higher for Boys & Girls Club of Rockford. As you think about the next 12-months, are you willing and able to consider increasing your charitable giving to the Club?

QUESTION: One way to possibly address the need for higher staff-to-kids ratios inside our clubhouse facilities during the coronavirus era might be through increased volunteerism. Would you be willing to volunteer in some capacity working directly with kids?

QUESTION: We also anticipate an increased need for volunteers to help with other non-youth-programming opportunities. Please review the following list and check everything you’d be willing to consider if asked.

QUESTION: While these two options are obviously not mutually exclusive when it comes to closing budget gaps, we’re interested in which option you’d advocate for if you were a board member and you could only choose one option.

A big THANK YOU to those of you who completed the online survey.

We are dissecting the results and already starting to make decisions and develop plans.

For example, we’re currently developing a new fundraising program called the 1908 Monthly Giving Society. These plans are in development and should be ready to launch in July. If you would like more information about this new program, please contact the Club’s President & CEO Clifford Stoner at [email protected]. He will email you a link where you can read more and request additional information.

Additionally, just this morning, we were talking with a few Unit Directors about volunteer opportunities for survey respondents who expressed a willingness to help once clubhouse operations resume in the coming days and weeks.

You are part of our Club family, and we value your input. We promise to put your feedback to good use. We will get through the challenges that are ahead of us together. Because that is what families do!

Thank you for being part of our Boys & Girls Club family!