Why Monthly Giving

Why Give Monthly?

Your monthly gift will make a huge difference for Club members, their families, the Club, and even for you.

While membership may have its benefits, many donors look past the tangible benefits of belonging to a giving society. The following are some of the “bigger picture” reasons savvy donors like you are interested in monthly giving societies:

  • It sends a message to the community that you are among some of the Club’s most committed supporters
  • It allows you to spread your charitable giving throughout the year
  • It makes your charitable giving predictable and allows for better budgeting
  • It provides you with a sense of satisfaction your monthly gift helps provide life-changing programs to local young people (especially those who need us most)

Of course, in addition to the “feel good benefits,” there are tangible benefits to joining the 1908 Society, including:

All giving levels$22/month$40/month
Welcome packetLimited edition coffee mugBook written by Jim Flodin featuring Club stories
Special 2021 calendar featuring vintage Club photos
Monthly e-newsletter
Annual Impact Report
Annual statement summarizing your donations

When you join the 1908 Society, the Boys & Girls Club of Rockford benefits too. Here are just a few of the good things the Club will experience from your membership:

  • Reduction in fundraising costs and overhead expenses
  • Predictable monthly revenue
  • Less time spent on gift renewals; more time spent on demonstrating community impact

You can join the 1908 Society right now

If you don’t need any more information and want to join now, simply use the gift processing box on the right side of your screen. Choose your monthly gift amount, click the “Continue” button, and you’ll be asked a few additional questions (including payment information).